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Digital Technology Key Stage 4


In February 2020, UK government figures showed that digital creative industries had grown nearly six times faster than the economy as a whole.

If you enjoy being creative and using computers, then a digital technology career could be the one for you. Studying GCSE Digital Technology will show that you have the knowledge and skills to work in this exciting and growing industry.

You will use industry standard software Adobe Animate, Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Dreamweaver.

The course

In Unit 1, you’ll learn about analogue and digital data, measuring and storing data, different digital devices, operating systems, types of software, backups, cloud services, systems development, digital communication methods, online sources of information, social networking practices, benefits of digital systems, working practices, monetising digital services, threats to data, cyber security, digital footprints, laws, evolution of computers and robots and emerging trends.

In Unit 2, you’ll be given a spreadsheet of market research survey data. You’ll clean up the data, format it to look nice and then analyse the data to identify trends, audience and needs. Informed by the spreadsheet data, you’ll decide your own choice of a website and animation; and its target audience.

You will:

  • plan your website
  • create and edit images using Adobe Photoshop
  • create your website using Adobe Dreamweaver
  • storyboard your animation
  • create your twenty to thirty second animation using Adobe Animate and include different scenes and sounds (e.g. background music, voiceover and sound effects).

In Unit 3, you will be given a scenario for a social media video campaign. You’ll then research social media demographics, characteristics and features; look at different forms of digital marketing and their benefits and risks.

You will then:

  • create a proposal for your video advert
  • plan your video advert
  • create your video advert using Adobe Premiere Pro software.
  • evaluate how successful your advert is.

Pupils will complete Units 2 and 3 in-class. Unit 2 (website and animation) is worth 40% of the GCSE.

Unit 3 (social media video campaign) is worth 20% of the GCSE.

At the end of Year 11, pupils will sit the Unit 1 on-screen exam which is worth 40% of the GCSE.


GCSE Digital Technology is the perfect preparation for studying A Level Digital Technology.

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