Additional Learning Needs Reform


The Additional Learning Needs and Educational Tribunal Wales (ALNET) Act 2018 is just one aspect of the overarching ALN Transformation Programme. At the heart of these reforms is a focus on inclusion; putting children and young people at the centre, and ensuring they are supported to reach their full potential.

The aims of the Bill are to create:

  • A unified legislative framework to support children and young people aged 0-25 with ALN in schools and further education
  • An integrated, collaborative process of assessment, planning and monitoring, which facilitates early, timely and effective interventions
  • A fair and transparent system for providing information and advice, and for resolving concerns and appeals

The Welsh Government sets out for the implementation of the bill to begin in September 2021

Further information


To access the Welsh Government E learning course which provides an overview of the new system, key principles and legislative duties, click here.

How will the Act affect maintained Schools (including Maintained Nurseries)

How will the Act affect children, young people, parents and carers?