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Graphic Design Key Stage 4


Do you ever wonder who is responsible for producing the jaw-dropping graphics of the latest blockbuster film poster or the latest console game sleeve? Are you compelled to buy your favorite magazine by the awesome front cover design?

If you are interested in graphical design and the use of graphical computer software, you might want to consider this level 1-2 course in Creative and Media.

The course

The course is made up of three distinct units which help students develop their knowledge base and general skills in graphical design. As part of the program of study they will also investigate existing products, explore the target groups for their products and how to successfully market them.

The units studied are as follows:
Unit 1 – Creating a Proposal in Response to a Brief.

Through this unit, learners will apply their knowledge of professional practice in the graphic design industry in order to produce a creative proposal in response to a brief.

Unit 2 – Creating an Outcome in Response to a Brief.

Through this unit, learners will apply the skills needed to produce a creative outcome that meets a given brief.

Unit 3(o) – Skills Development in Print Media Production.

Through this unit, learners will identify skills for development and use a range of techniques to develop those skills to meet their own success criteria.


This course is assessed primarily through production of work for the units listed above and is project based.
Unit 1 is partly assessed as an “open-book” examination where pupils are asked questions about a task that they have researched. All units are assessed and graded and an overall grade for the qualification is awarded.


This course provides the perfect foundation for the Level 3 BTEC National in Creative Media Production (Print-Based Media), which is also offered at Morriston C.S. in Years 12 and 13. Both
courses form an introduction to any vocation that involves graphics, design, Computer Aided Design, digital publishing, advertising and a wide variety of other creative and design based

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