Governing Body

Governor Responsibilities

This page has been set up so that you can learn about the Governors at our school. The Governors play a crucial role in the life and work of our school.

Please scroll to the bottom if you are interested in being a school governor and would like an idea of what is expected.

The Governors have the responsibility to promote high quality teaching and learning in order to raise standards of education and welfare of all pupils.  Governors have the responsibility for the strategic vision and direction of the school and to support the Headteacher and staff in working towards that vision.

The Governors have many roles within the school covering different aspects of school life. They are involved in developing policies, overseeing finances and have responsibility for safeguarding as well as ensuring high standards in teaching and learning.

The Governors are all volunteers and are from all areas of the local community. For example parents, local business people, local councillors and staff.

Governors bring a wide range of skills and interest to the school attending courses in their own time run by the City and County of Swansea.

Even though you might not see them present in the school each day, they are very aware and involved in the school.

The Governors meet each term to discuss relevant issues within the school.

The various committee groups also meet regularly to discuss issues like finance, attendance, health and safety issues and progress towards targets.

A small group of Governors meet with Estyn Inspectors during school inspections.

The Governors produce an Annual Report for the parents.

Mrs Alyson Crabb

I’m Alyson Crabb and I am currently Chair of Governors at Morriston Comprehensive School.

I have been a governor for 10 years firstly as a parent governor and now as community governor.

Being a governor at a secondary school carries its responsibilities and requires commitment. It offers you the chance to see first-hand the impact the Headteacher and his/her staff and you, as governor can make in improving education and welfare of children and young people within your community.

Central to our role within the governing body is one of support for the whole community at MCS, starting with the pupils. Ensuring the children have the best experiences and opportunities throughout their education is crucial for life-long learning and well-being.

Having taught for 28 years, I have seen governing bodies becoming more strategic. Ultimately, you support the Head teacher and staff to drive school improvement.  As Governors we endeavour to understand, challenge and share in the school’s vision and ethos, and oversee the financial performance of school to ensure money is well spent.

Alison Harding

I was appointed as a Local Authority Governor in November 2022 for a term of four years. This is my first Governor role, and my main aim is to be able to bring my experience and skills to the role in supporting the work of the school, and its senior leadership, staff and learners.

I have worked for over 30 years in higher education across Wales, and I believe in the fundamental transformational power of education for all. This core value transcends sectors and I hope I can support the continued success of the school and its community through my role as governor.

In my current role I lead a large university professional services department and hope to be able to bring these leadership skills to the governor role. I have particular interest in strategy development and engagement, succession planning, talent management and learning development.

Further details: Alison Harding | LinkedIn

Mrs Claire Reid

I have been a parent governor since my first son moved into secondary education.  I am now a community governor with two sons and two daughters attending the school.

My aim is to contribute to support the school to be the best it can be.  I feel that the role is a real privilege. I want to ensure that each child in the school receives the best education possible.  I want to help make a difference, not only for my children, but for children in years to come and my community.

I live locally and believe in the success of Morriston Comprehensive.  I want to support the Head teacher and staff to drive school improvement.  I have over twenty years’ experience in teaching and am keen to ask the “why” and “what” questions to look at the impact of strategies and the standards achieved.  I want to ensure that the children have the best experiences and opportunities throughout their education.  I want the pupils to know that they are cared for, supported, valued, and allowed to grow to be the best that they can be.

Mr Alex Moody

I’m Alex. I’m a newly appointed community governor. My family and I moved to Morriston from Caerphilly in 2018 and my daughter now attends the school. In my day job I work as a risk professional for the Home Office.

Looking back on my own schooling I consider myself to have been extremely lucky. The learning I received and the educators I encountered really set me up for the life that was ahead of me. Secondary school was particularly pivotal. A naturally slow developer, I was given the time, space and encouragement I needed to grow and realise my potential.

My hope is that I can play a part in helping MCS offer the same kind of transformative experience, preparing children both academically and more broadly for the next chapter in their lives.

I look forward to doing whatever I can to support the school in achieving its goals, and to making what I hope will be a valuable contribution to the school and wider community.

Miss Clair Stretch

My name is Clair Stretch and I am a Parent Governor at Morriston Comprehensive School. I have one child at MCS and two younger children that will attend the school in the coming years. As well as volunteering as a Governor I work full time for the CPS.

I am a former student of MCS and feel that the school provided me with the right skills and knowledge to go out into the world and do well. I see my role as a Governor as an opportunity to give something back to the school, and to support the school in providing our young people with the same good start in life that I received.

I recently relocated back home to Morriston after many years away and immediately felt reconnected with this community. I believe that the school is a real cornerstone of our community and that the education and school experiences of our children directly impact their own long-term success and wellbeing, as well as that of the wider community as those students grow into adults.

I hope to do whatever I can to support the school in ensuring that each of our children is provided with the opportunities, tools and confidence to achieve their full potential.



Mr Steven Parvin

I’m Steven Parvin and I’m a newly appointed parent governor at Morriston Comprehensive School. I live locally with my wife and children. My daughter is currently in Year 9 at MCS and my son will be joining the school in September.

As a past pupil, I attended Morriston Comprehensive from year 7 through to sixth form, before moving on to university to study to become a primary school teacher. I’m now a deputy headteacher of a primary school in Neath.

Reflecting on my time in Morriston Comprehensive, I consider myself extremely fortunate to have received such incredible support and guidance, as well as the necessary skills, knowledge, and understanding from the school and its staff. This invaluable foundation not only shaped my educational journey but also equipped me with the tools and confidence needed to pursue my own career in education.

It is my aim as a governor to pay forward the support and guidance I received during my time at Morriston Comprehensive School in working collaboratively with the headteacher, staff, fellow Governors, and most importantly, the children, to support and challenge efforts in further cultivating an environment where every student feels supported, empowered, and equipped with the tools they need to thrive academically and personally.

Mrs Tanya Tremelling Mrs Elaine Rees

Mr Martin Franklin Mrs Karen Carswell

Cllr Robert Francis-Davies Mr Chris Hooke

Mr John Davies Mr Chris Bell

Mr Paul Relf Mrs Elizabeth

Cllr Andrea Lewis Mrs Diane John



What being a Governor Entails

Some of the roles:

  • Coming to full governing body meetings once a term
  • Coming to committee meetings once a term (being the chair person, if you’re the chair of the committee or taking minutes if you’re the vice-chair)
    • Attending sub-committee meetings such as Premises & Finance, Curriculum & Personnel, Pupil Welfare & Community.
  • Generally being a support/critical friend to the school
  • Attending training courses
  • Developing policies for the school