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Religious Studies Key Stage 4


Religious Studies is a popular and interesting subject. The new G.C.S.E. syllabus includes both religious and nonreligious beliefs including humanism. RS Full course will enable you to:
• Be enquiring, critical and reflective in your study of religions/philosophy.
• Explore religions/beliefs, reflect on fundamental questions, and engage with them.
• Intellectually and personally respond to various issues/ideas and debates.
• Develop a broader interest in religion and relate it to the wider world.
• Reflect and develop your own views, opinions and attitudes.

The course

Topics studied include: Human rights, prejudice and discrimination, gender equality, crime and punishment, wealth and charity, animal rights, euthanasia and abortion. Learners study core beliefs/teachings of Christianity and another of the six main world religions.

Candidates must also consider non-religious beliefs, such as those held by Humanists and Atheists


Unit 1 Year 10
Written examination: 2 hours
50% of qualification 126 marks

Unit 2 Year 11
Written examination: 2 hours
50% of qualification 126 marks


What jobs are linked with a qualification in Religious Studies?
Doctor, nurse, teacher, Police Force, Air Cabin Crew, Conference Organizer, Armed Forces, Diplomat, District Nurse, Health Promotion, Civil Servant, Hotel/Restaurant Manager, Politician, Journalism, Publishing, Social Worker, Travel Agent Tour Rep, Youth & Community Worker.

Did you know? You do not have to be religious to study R.S. You just need an open mind!
You will be in good company opting for RS/Philosophy. Many famous people have studied Religious Studies, Theology and Philosophy! These include: Ricky Gervais (comedian) Dr. Martin Luther King (Civil Rights Leader), Bill Clinton (Former US President), Matt Groening (Creator of The Simpsons), Iris Murdoch (Author), Yann Martel (Author of Life of Pi).

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