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Core Physical Education – Key Stage 4


Core Physical Education for learners in Key Stage 4 (Years 10 & 11) will continue to build on and develop their knowledge, physical skills and understanding across a range of activities. The emphasis will change to encourage student ownership of the learning process. It is essential that young learners understand the benefits of a healthy mindset towards engaging with physical activity. The ultimate aim is to lay the foundations of life long health and well-being.

The Course

The department will facilitate a wide range of activities at KS4, the curriculum will be led by ‘learner voice.’ This will mean that learners will take ownership of their activity choices with a view to developing competencies in at least two areas over the year. Such choices may range from fitness activity or raining, Basketball, Netball, football, Touch Rugby, Athletics, Rounders, Baseball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Orienteering and ‘team building’ activities. This is not an exhaustive list.

Pupils are required to choose activities through a democratic process, and commit to approaching these activities positively in order to build performance competence and also understand the longterm health benefits of physical activity.

Extra-Curricular provision at Morriston is where pupils have the opportunity to compete and represent Morriston Comprehensive school; frequently competing in competitions and tournaments at local level which further develops pupil character as well as their physical skills and tactical knowledge. The P.E. department actively encourages all pupils to attend extra-curricular clubs that take place both during lunchtimes and after school. Working alongside the Active Young Person (AYP) clubs and our own WRU hub officer we are pleased to offer our traditional sports as well as more innovative activities.


Due to the limited lesson time available assessment will be an informal but collaborative process between teacher and learner or groups of learners. The process will be aimed at determining not only agreed skill and competency targets, but also future pathways to life-long engagement.


The ultimate aim of physical education at KS4 is to instil a positive attitude towards sport and/or physical activity with all the benefits for the mind and body they bring. Progression will be measured by a willingness to participate, an enthusiasm for improving skill/movement competency and a commitment to life long engagement.

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