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Art and Design Key Stage 4


Art and Design involves more than just learning and developing practical skills. It will help you notice, question and control the appearance of everything around us.
If you have an interest in drawing, painting, printing ,etc, an interest in making things, a curiosity about the environment around you and an ability to research information and communicate ideas, then you should consider Art & Design as an option for GCSE.

The course

The syllabus covers the following:

  • Drawing
  • Painting
  • Illustration
  • Graphics
  • Printmaking
  • 3D Studies-Clay/Sculpture
  • Art History

Wherever possible we use the local environment to help our studies –through visits, workshops etc at local galleries and museums.


60% – Coursework
40% – Externally set task.


After completing a GCSE in Art & Design there are a number of courses which you could undertake in order to specialize in this subject.

The following careers require study in Art & Design:

  • Advertising
  • Fashion
  • Interior/Industrial
  • Community Art
  • Publishing
  • Design
  • Broadcasting
  • Art Therapy
  • Artist
  • Theatre
  • Graphic
  • Design Teacher


This is not a course for just a few talented individuals – you are always able to use Art in your leisure time as well as your working life. ART IS RELEVANT TO EVERYONE!

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