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Health and Social Care


Choosing to study GCSE Health and Social Care is a great decision to make for lots of reasons. It is an area of work in which gives many varied opportunities for you to make a difference to people’s lives in a positive way. At the same time you are gaining skills that you can transfer to other professions later. Working in the health and social care professions can also take you to different parts of the country and oversees. The opportunities are endless.

Key Stage 4

The GCSE in Health and Social Care, and Childcare is suitable for learners aged 14-16 who are interested in learning about the development and care of individuals throughout the life cycle from conception to later adulthood.

In particular, they learn about:
• human development through the main life stages and age ranges;
• factors affecting health and development, including behavioural, environmental, physical and socio-economic factors;
• how relationships influence social and emotional development;
• how a range of factors influence self-concept;
• major life changes and sources of support;
• how health and social care services meet a range of service users’ needs;
• barriers to health and social care services and how they can be overcome;
• job roles of a range of practitioners and how they apply the values of care in their day-to-day work; and
• the importance of safeguarding in health, social care and early years settings.

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