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Curriculum Overview: ICT

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Key Stage 3

Year 7

Scratch programming. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry spreadsheet.  Practice spreadsheets ready for Level 5 work.

Start Pant Lasau Fruit Shop (Level 5) spreadsheet.

Pant Lasau Fruit Shop spreadsheet work Pant Lasau Fruit shop spreadsheet work (Level 6) Water spreadsheet work. Level 7 spreadsheet work.

Year 8

Environmental leaflet. Environmental leaflet Scratch Programming “Moral story”.  Sound editing and movie making. “Moral story”.  Sound editing and movie making. “Social Media” PowerPoint task.

Year 9

Database Database Scratch Programming. Rotoscoping Animation Game making.
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Key Stage 4 ICT

Year 10

Commence NEA Unit 2:

Data handling tasks, modelling task, research, newsletter and presentation (email, review of drafts, second drafts, final draft) folder structure, evaluation.

Commence NEA Unit 4: Analysis of existing web sites and multimedia features.  Design of template.
Theory.  Application Software, data and information, data logging and control, DTP, email, health issues, home and personal communication systems, home business, home entertainment, ICT and learning, information handling, school home environment, security issues and data protection, spreadsheets, staying safe online, verification and validation, web and presentation software.

Year 11

Development of graphical images, animation, sound, additional techniques, development of template including navigation, organisation of folders and files, evaluation.
Theory.  Business applications, communication and networks, control data logging and robots, data and information, law and society, multimedia digital imaging and sound, simulations and expert systems, software.

Key Stage 4 Computer Science

Year 10

Python Programming.


Beep, print, input, if, while, len. Index strings.  Authentication.

Python programming


For loops,

Strings as sequences.





Python programming



Text files.


Python programming



Exception handling.

Python programming


Whole-class practice task.

Python programming.


Commence GCSE NEA task.

Theory topics: Hardware, Logical operations, Communication, Organisation and structure of data, operating systems.

Year 11


Assembly language.


Greenfoot programming Practise for practical exam.
Theory topics: principles of programming; software engineering; program construction; security and data management; ethical, legal and environmental impacts of digital technology.
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Key Stage 5

Available at sixth form