Travel and Tourism

What does this course involve? Do you love travel? Did you know that you could make a career out of it in the dynamic, diverse and expanding Travel & Tourism industry? Where better to start your journey than here at Morriston Comprehensive School.


Memories of travel can last a lifetime, whether it’s a two-week family trip to France or a gap year travelling around the world. All travellers need those that work in the travel and tourism industry to ensure that their trips run smoothly. This qualification has been designed to provide an all-round introduction to the travel and tourism sector for those who wish to further their careers in one of its many connected industries, including retail travel, visitor attractions, accommodation, transport and tour operations. At MCS we offer the Level 3 National Extended Certificate in BTEC Travel & Tourism which is equivalent to one A-Level.


Key Stage 5

Course content is internally and externally assessed.


Year 12:

Unit 1 – The world of Travel and Tourism

In this unit you will gain an understanding of the scope of the industry, its terminology and its key components. Travel and tourism is a business with the customer at the forefront. Different types of organisation have different roles and offer a range of products and services to many different types of customer. You will need to understand how the organisations work together to benefit both themselves and their customers and you should be able to name examples of the key organisations in all sectors. This unit will enable you to progress to higher-education courses or to a career in the travel and tourism industry by developing your knowledge of how to analyse travel and tourism data and make decisions based on information from a variety of sources.


Unit 3 – Principles of marketing in Travel and Tourism

In this unit, you will develop marketing skills through examining the specific aims and objectives of the marketing function and researching the needs and expectations of different customer types. You will develop your ability to communicate the findings of this research. You will use market intelligence to plan and produce a promotional campaign for a new travel and tourism product or service. You will learn about the importance of meeting customer expectations and communicating with customers effectively. You will investigate the different stages that an organisation or tourist destination goes through when marketing their products or services.


Year 13:

Unit 2 – Global destinations

Global destinations are a key aspect of travel and tourism and their appeal is strongly influenced by factors such as their location, access and changing trends. In this unit, you will use a range of resources to investigate the location and features of global destinations and explain the features that give appeal to global destinations and support different types of tourism. You will evaluate how travel plans/routes/itineraries meet customer needs. You will investigate consumer trends and the reasons the popularity of global destinations may change.


Unit 9 – Visitor attractions

Visitor attractions can draw both domestic and overseas visitors by providing opportunities for relaxation, amusement and education. They are a major source of revenue for the travel and tourism industry as well as for the UK and the global economy. In this unit, you will investigate visitor attractions and the different ways they are funded. You will explore what is meant by the visitor experience and how visitor attractions develop, diversify and use technology in order to meet the needs of their different types of visitors.