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History Key Stage 4


History is a popular subject at Morriston Comprehensive School with a good track record of success. Students enjoy the study of interesting, relevant topics which have shaped the world we live in. History will help you progress in careers such as Law, Journalism, Teaching, the Police Force and any career where research and evaluation of evidence is required.

The Course – 4 units – 3 exams and 1 NEA

UNIT 1 – Depression, War and Recovery 1929 – 1951
This unit focuses on the causes and impact of the Depression in the 1930’s, the preparation and impact of the Second World War and how the country was rebuilt post-war. This unit is examined via a 1-hour exam with 5 questions.

Unit 2 – Germany in Transition 1919 – 1939
This unit focuses on Germany in the aftermath of the First World War, how Hitler came to power, life under Nazi rule and Hitler’s foreign policy. This unit is examined via a 1 – hour exam with 5 questions.

Unit 3 – Changes in Heath and Medicine 1340 – Present day
This unit focuses on how medical knowledge, the prevention and treatment of disease and public health and welfare has developed from the medieval period to the present. This unit is examined via a 1hr 15min exam with 7 questions.

Unit 4 – Non – examined unit
This unit sees candidates write two extended pieces of writing on either Jack the Ripper or the First World War. Contemporary evidence is analyzed and evaluated, pupils must reach a judgement about an interpretation


Coursework will be worth 20% of the final mark and is assessed through two controlled assessments taken in Year 11.
Unit 1 = 25% of final grade Unit 2 = 25% of final grade Unit 3 = 30% of final grade


History is an extremely popular option for further study at A/S and A2 Level. Students have achieved excellent grades over the past few years and the History Department is well resourced with experienced teachers. A number of staff have worked as Assistant Examiners with the WJEC which further enhances the experience of the Department.

Has anyone famous or successful ever studied History?

The list is endless from pop stars like Chris Martin (Coldplay) and Nicky Wire (Manic Street Preachers) to DJs like Simon Mayo and even TV presenters like John Inverdale (BBC Sport) and
Jeremy Bowen (BBC News). Some of the bosses of Britain’s top companies like Barclays and even The Body Shop all have one thing in common – they have qualifications in History.

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