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Department Leader: Mr I. Mattey

Mathematics and numeracy play an essential part in everyday life.  Each pupil will need to have the confidence to apply and adapt a range of mathematical skills to new situations in their adult life and chosen career. We aim to equip all pupils with the appropriate mathematical skills required to allow them to take an active role in school and adult life.

The Mathematics Department form a strong team of 9 staff, sharing a wealth of skills and experiences.  The suite of 7 teaching rooms is located on the ground form of D zone.  All rooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards to enhance the delivery of Mathematics.

Key Stage 3

Mathematics is taught in sets, based on pupil’s previous progress and baseline testing.  Pupils progress is monotored closely and movements are made when pupils need additionall support or challenge.  The KS3 assessment process enables teachers to identify strengths and target areas, online resourcers such as MyMaths and Hegarty Maths are then used to support pupils develop specific skills.

KS3 is a vital stage in a pupil’s mathematical learning and hard work, rewarded with progress, makes the journey through KS4 much more stratighforward.

Key Stage 4

GCSE Mathematics will build on the levels of mathematics expected at the end of KS3. It is one of the key subjects, necessary for enhancing job opportunities and career prospects. Many careers require a formal qualification in Mathematics namely Engineering, Banking, Business, Economics and Teaching.

GCSE Numeracy will have an emphasis on aspects of mathematics which are most relevant to learners functioning as informed twenty-first century citizens. It will prepare learners to become effective problem solvers, to make informed decisions about the use of technology and to manage their money.


The annual trip to Techniquest is a very popular for pupils with an inquisitive mind.  Pupils are involved in an interactive lecture based on current topical issues and then have the opportunity to explore the range of puzzles and problem-solving tasks available within the Techniquest complex. This trip usually takes place in June and is a great way to develop logical and out of the box thinking.

More mathematically able pupils are also challenged to take part in the very prestigious UKMT challenges during the year, at Foundation, Intermediate and Higher levels.  This competition requires pupils to apply and adapt a range of mathematical skills to solve problems within a given time limit. Pupils achieving either Bronze, Silver or Gold awards have competed incredibly well against some of the best mathematicians in the country.

Meet the team

Mr I. Mattey: Department Leader

Mrs R. Powell: Assistant Department Leader

Mrs F. A. Hosford_Allen: Mathematics Teacher and Numeracy Coordinator

Mr J. Whitehead: Mathematics Teacher and Y10 Progress Leader

Miss N Minnett: Mathematics Teacher

Mrs R Bellingham: Mathematics and Technology Teacher

Mrs C. Nicholas: Mathematics and ALN Teacher

Mrs D Ayres: Mathematics Teacher

Mrs S. Brewer: Mathematics Teacher and Assisstant Head Teacher