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ALN Department

The ALN Department at Morriston Comprehensive School aims to deliver a fully inclusive education provision for all of our learners through a system where needs are identified early, addressed quickly so that pupils are supported to reach their potential. We believe that the learner should be at the centre of everything we do and that they and their parents and carers are equal partners in their learning. The Department aims to ensure all needs are met and support is provided in-class by a team of experienced and dedicated Teaching Assistants (TA’s).

Many pupils, at some time in their school career require short-term or long-term support in order to make progress in line with their academic ability or to overcome barriers to learning.

The skills and expertise that exist within the department means that a wide range and variety of support and interventions can be employed in order to address these needs and difficulties.

Meet the team.

Miss K L Miller (Assistant Headteacher & ALNCO)
Mrs S Carrington ALN support officer

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