Product Design

DEPARTMENT LEADER: Mr. Nathan Williams

Design and Technology is a unique subject in the curriculum that allows pupils to apply themselves both in a written and practical environment. Pupils will have the opportunity to learn new skills in different disciplines covered in the subject. These include Product Design, Textiles, Engineering, Creative Media and Construction.
The subjects allow pupils to apply innovative thinking to ideas to produce products and outcomes that can have an impact on a user. The subject opens opportunities for pupils to design clothing, products, engineered parts and graphic products to communicate ideas and develop skills.

Key Stage 3

Pupils in year’s 7-9 will have the opportunity to learn new skills and apply them to a range of design and make projects. A wide range of written, designing and practical tasks are undertaken to give the pupils the best possible experience of Technology. Pupils will cover a range of skills in KS3; sketching and designing skills, modelling, traditional hand skills and CAD/CAM including laser cutting and vinyl cutting.
These skills will be used to produce a range of modern products that will engage pupils. The knowledge and skills that pupils develop here will feed directly into GCSE Product Design.

Key Stage 4

Product Design offers a unique opportunity in the curriculum for candidates to identify and solve real problems by designing and making products or systems in a wide range of contexts relating to their personal interests. GCSE Product Design develops candidates’ capacity for imaginative, innovative thinking, creativity and independence.
Pupils will have the opportunity to analyse and evaluate situations, design and make products, and then appraise their own performance. They will be provided with the opportunity to work with a range of materials, ICT and CAD/CAM including 2D Design, Onshape, 3D printing and the laser cutter.

Meet the team

Mr. Nathan Williams Product Design and Construction
Mr. Tomos Davies – Textiles
Mr. Andy Banbury – Creative Media
Mr. Lawrence Sutton – Engineering