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A-Level Mathematics


Pupils studying Mathematics at AS and A2 Level will experience a wide range of mathematical activities which will help them to develop a logical approach towards problem solving and a thorough understanding of mathematical reasoning. Not only will the subject be studied as a foundation for further study of Mathematics but also as a tool to other disciplines
including Engineering, Physics, Medicine, Finance, Business and Management. There are 5 lessons of pure Maths and 3 lessons of Applied Mathematics every two weeks. Each fortnight candidates are, expected to support their learning with substantial amount of individualised study.

Entry requirements

Students embarking on AS and A2 study in Mathematics are expected to have achieved at least a Grade B at GCSE Mathematics having followed the full Higher Tier program of study. Students will benefit from completing the additional Mathematics Level 2 qualification in KS4.

Year 12 AS Unit 1 Pure Mathematics A Written examination: 2
hours 30 minutes
120 marks, 25% of the A2 qualification
AS Unit 2 Pure Mathematics B Written examination:
1hour 45 minutes
75 marks (Statistics 40 marks, Mechanics 35
marks), 15% of the A2 qualification
Year 13 A2 Unit 3 Pure Mathematics B Written examination:
2hours 30 minutes
120 marks, 35% of the A2 qualification
A2 Unit 4 Pure Mathematics B Written examination:
2hours 30 minutes
80 marks (Statistics 40 marks, Mechanics and
Differential Equations 35 marks), 25% of the A2


Students following A level Mathematics are likely to follow academic courses including further study of Mathematics, Engineering, Science, Medicine, Finance, Business, Economics and management

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