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A-Level Welsh


Key Information / Gwybodaeth Allweddol

Course Outline / Gwybodaeth am y Cwrs.

Welsh is one of the oldest languages in Europe and is still a thriving language for many young people here in Wales. Welsh is embraced as an important skill within the workplace and has a rich and vibrant modern culture. Would you like to be part of the Welsh Government Strategy to get 1,000,000 Welsh speakers by 2050? Then come and join us and continue your bilingual journey with our AS/A Level group. This course places a large emphasis on developing oral skills, on looking at the history of the Welsh language and its presence in the community and in society.

Exam Board: WJEC

Examination: 50% Oral Exams: 40% Coursework: 10%

Entry Requirements:

Grade C or above at GCSE.

Course Overview

The GCE has a 6 unit structure: three units at AS (40%) and three units at A2 (60%)

Unit 1 (AS) Oral Exam 15%
Unit 2 (AS) Non-examination Assessment 10%
Unit 3 (AS) Written Exam 2 hrs 15%
Unit 4 (A2) Oral Exam 25%
Unit 5 (A2) Written Exam 15%
Unit 6 (A2) Written Exam 20%


Where Can this course take me? Sut gall y cwrs fy helpu yn y dyfodol? This course will allow you to develop and improve your bilingual skills, will teach you about the history of the language and will open your mind to new possibilities of including the Welsh language in your future. This course will further your ability and confidence to communicate more accurately and fluently both orally and in writing in a wide range of situations. Many of our students in recent years have chosen to pursue their study of Welsh at University. The ability to use Welsh can be a useful skill in so many career paths: Education, Child Care, Media, Performing Arts, Technology, Tourism, and Leisure.

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