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A-Level History


At AS and A2 the course is divided into 5 components. There are 4 examined topics and a controlled assessment. History is one of the most popular A level subjects at Morriston. Results are consistently good. The staff have a wealth of experience and a proven record of success. The department is equipped with excellent resources. This year pupils will be following a Period Study which focuses on modern historical events that have shaped the 20th and 21st Century.

Entry Requirements

There is no specific entry requirement to do A- level History, but you need 5 A*-C or equivalent GCSE’s. Students will also have a willingness to develop certain skills:
– The ability to select information and ideas and to organize them to make a logically argued and relevant case.

– The ability to evaluate a range of evidence and draw conclusions from it.
– The ability to recognize and explain cause and consequence.
– The ability to communicate effectively
– The ability to work with others

You will need at least an E grade at AS Level to continue with the A2 course.

Course Overview

This specification is divided into a total of five units, two AS units and three A2 units. Weightings noted below are expressed in terms of the full A-Level qualification.
AS UNIT 1- Period Study Politics, People and Progressions in Wales and England c. 1880-1980. Written examination: 1 hour 30 minutes 20% of the qualification 60 marks. Open ended questions with a focus on relevant historical concepts.

AS UNIT 2- Depth study: Part 1 Weimar and its Challenges c. 1918-1933. Written examination: 1hour 45 minutes 20% of qualification 60 marks. Evidence based questions with focus on the evaluation of historical sources and different interpretations.

A LEVEL (The above plus a further 3 units)
AS UNIT 3- Breadth Study Parliamentary Reform and Protest in Wales and England c. 1780-1885. Written examination: 1 hour 45 minutes 20% of qualification 60 marks. Essays focused on relevant historical concepts and based on historical themes.

A2 UNIT 4- Depth Study: Part 2 Nazi Germany c. 1933-1945. Written examination: 1 hour 45 minutes 20% of qualification 60 marks. A source based question and essay arising from further study of the depth study chosen for AS in Unit 2.

A2 UNIT 5- Historical Interpretations. Non-examination assessment: 3000-4000 words 20% of qualification 60 marks. Focusing on a specific historical problem or issue.


Many students who study History at A Level progress to study History, Law, Teaching or Criminology at Degree Level. History at A Level is an academic qualification which is well respected by universities and employers alike and can lead on to numerous job opportunities.

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