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A-Level French


At Morriston we may offer French at AS and A2 subject to the interested number of students. The course advances the existing skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing. It also allows students to explore a more cultural dimension through films. Students follow the WJEC syllabus and are taught jointly in Morriston and Bishop Vaughan. There are eight timetabled lessons per fortnight and oral sessions with a French native.

Entry Requirements

5 A* – C Grades or equivalent including B or above in French.

Course Overview

AS Topics
1. Being a young person in French-speaking society, including family, values, friendships / relationships.
2. Understanding the French- speaking world, including culture and heritage of France/French-speaking country

A2 Topics
3. Diversity and difference, including migration/integration, marginalization, cultural enrichment and celebrating difference, discrimination.
4. France 1940-1950: The Occupation and the post-war years, including occupation, liberation and end of WWII, Life in Occupied France and the cultural dimension (theatre, cinema, literature), 1945-1950: rebuilding and restructuring repercussions for modern day.

Summary of Assessment
AS Unit 1: Speaking (12-15 minutes)
AS Unit 2: Listening, reading, translating and critical response in writing (2hours 30 minutes)
A2 Unit 3: Speaking Independent research project (11-12 minutes)
A2 Unit 4: Listening, reading and translation (1 hour 45 minutes)
A2 Unit 5: Critical and analytical in writing (1 hour 30 minutes)


The course is ideal for those students who have enjoyed and studied French in years 10 and 11 and who have gained at least a B at GCSE. Studying a foreign language is a smart career move as it can expand your prospects in Europe and the wider world. French is widely used in industry, commerce and diplomacy, particularly in Europe.

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