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A-Level – English Literature


The English Department at Morriston offers AS/ A Level in English Literature, following the WJEC specification

(Qualification Accreditation Numbers GCE AS: 601/5405/6 and GCE A level: 601/5389/1). The two AS Units are studied and assessed at the end of year 12.

A further three units that lead to the A2 qualification are taught and assessed in year 13.

Entry Requirements

It is expected that students embark on this course will have attained B grades in English Literature at GCSE.

Course Overview

Throughout the course, you will study a range of texts- novels, plays and poetry- from different periods. Most of these are assessed via an examination.

However, there is also the non-examination assessment opportunity where you select and work on writing a 2500-3500 word assignment based on the reading of two prose texts from different periods, one pre2000 and one post-2000, nominated by the centre.


Year Unit Details
12 WJEC English Literature Unit 1: Prose Fiction pre-1900 and Drama You will immerse yourself in the absorbing study of two: an acclaimed novel written before 1900 and celebrated play written after 1900
WJEC English Literature Unit 2: Poetry Post 1900 This unit offers the fantastic opportunity to study one pair of fascinating poetry texts from the

renowned poets listed below:

Edward Thomas & Alun Lewis

Philip Larking & Carol Ann Duffy

DH Lawrence & Gillian Clarke

Seamus Heaney & Owen Sheers

Ted Hughes & Sylvia Plath

13 WJEC English Literature Unit 3: Poetry Pre-1900 and Unseen Poetry This unit offers the chance to study the work of Chaucer, Keats, Milton, Donne, or Rossetti in depth. Additionally, you will develop the skills necessary to tackle unseen poetry.
WJEC English Literature Unit 4: Shakespeare You will study, in depth, one of the fantastic Shakespeare plays listed below:

King Lear

Henry IV part1

Anthony & Cleopatra

The Tempest


WJEC English Literature Unit 5: Prose Study This unit is internally assessed and externally moderated. It requires you to submit a 2500- 3500 word assignment based on the reading of two prose texts by different authors, one published pre-2000 and the other published post-2000. Both texts must be nominated and submitted to WJEC for approval by the end of September in the year prior to submission.


Whilst going to on to University to study for an English Literature degree is a popular option for many of our students, it is not your only option. An English Literature A level qualification opens up doors to a myriad of degree-level subjects and allows you to go on to pursue a career in law, journalism, publishing, editing, teaching, broadcast media, and even politics amongst many other.

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