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Mike Hedges’ Visit by Amelia Mitchell 

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Mike Hedges’ Visit by Amelia Mitchell 

Mike Hedges’ Visit by Amelia Mitchell  

On Monday the 20th of November we met with Mike Hedges MS. We first discussed the Senedd Youth Parliament and the variety of insights and opportunities that many young people have experienced. For example, we were given an essay by ex-Morriston pupil Ella Kenny. The essay highlighted the novel ways the Youth Parliament could be improved. We believe this gave us some inspiration and guidance on how a well-rounded professional council is handled. 

          Mike Hedges then spoke a bit about his own experience. We all agree that he was very down to earth. This aspect of him made us appreciate that although he is a member of Senedd, he is also an everyday, normal man. 

          In the last part of the hour, he encouraged us to ask questions. We asked questions about how we can improve our Pupil Parliament. We also asked his opinion on topics such as ‘the decreased uptake of creative subjects’ and ‘neurodivergence in the classroom’. 

          Overall, we agree that this experience was very enriching and beneficial to us as a group. A few members who attended were inspired and want to make a change within the community. We learned a lot and hope to use this information to become the best parliament possible. 

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