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Introduction of smart, black tailored shorts

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Introduction of smart, black tailored shorts

Dear Parent/ Carer,

29th February 2024

At Morriston Comprehensive School we strongly believe in creating a positive and inclusive environment for all our pupils. One of the ways we achieve this is through having a standardised school uniform policy and we would again thank parents and carers for their support in ensuring pupils arrive to school properly dressed. Uniform plays a crucial role in cultivating a sense of belonging, pride, equity and unity amongst our pupils. Additionally, school uniform supports the whole school culture and behavioural expectations as well as preparing our pupils for life outside school.

We would like to again emphasise the importance of adherence to the school uniform policy. Further details can be found here

Introduction of smart, black tailored shorts

After consultation with staff, pupils, parents and carers, and in anticipation of warmer weather to come, it has been agreed that pupils will be given the option to wear smart, black, tailored shorts as an alternative to black trousers or skirts. Examples of acceptable tailored shorts are shown in the images here. Pupils will be allowed to wear these shorts after Easter for the Summer term onwards.

Several other schools in Swansea now allow pupils to wear smart, tailored shorts.  They can be purchased through the uniform supplier Bergoni, or most other school uniform stockists including supermarkets.

Examples of acceptable smart, black tailored shorts will shortly be on display in our School Reception, shown in assemblies, on our school website and displayed at upcoming school events.

We hope that by informing you now, we are providing you with suitable time to purchase acceptable and correct styles of tailored shorts, if you so wish.  If you are unsure whether a piece of uniform is acceptable, please consult the school before buying.

I want to stress that this is only an option. Many children will want to continue to wear their present school trousers or skirts.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact school-  [email protected]



Mr M Franklin (Headteacher)

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