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A beautiful Welsh word meaning belonging of mind, body and spirit. Connected to the land, heritage and essence of a place.

This term a group of pupils from year 8 have been working with their English Teacher, Mrs Jenkins and the Arts Council of Wales to look at what this concept means to us here in Morriston.  Do we all belong? if not, why not? who or what is stopping us?  Through the project, the pupils gave very honest and open accounts of the things that they believe, have heard, seen and done through their lives and experiences so far.  They shared their thoughts and feelings and challenged their unconscious biases.  What followed has blown us away.

The pupils have created a book – yes, a whole book, full of their thoughts and voices.  We have published this book: here’s the cover and introduction to tell you more:

The book is full of poems, lyrics, information and shorts from the pupils.

The pupils have also made a film that is going to be used Nationally to highlight the issues and promote Wales’s desire to create ‘ethically informed citizens of the future’.  All we know is, if 8×1 are the future, then it’s in safe hands.

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